Please review the recent Governance Process Revamp 2.0 Proposal if you are interested in engaging in the governance process. Update: quorum raised to 200k veBAL

Step 1: Request For Comment (RFC)

Start a new conversation on the Governance section of the forum with the [RFC] tag. The message should contain the following sections. Click here for a forum post template.


What is the current state or what you're addressing? Is there any relevant information that the common reader might not know?

Core Proposal(s)

What is your idea on how to improve the state of the art?


What is needed to introduce the change?

Risk assessment

What can go wrong? What is the impact of your proposal on the rest of the community, ecosystem, protocol?

Open Questions

Any obvious discussions or things you are still considering?

Step 2: Discussion

Step 3: Proposal

Note that it is possible to skip directly to this step if you feel a long discussion phase is not required.