Service providers (”SP”) who successfully request funding from Balancer DAO are expected to follow the accountability guidelines laid out in the Operating Framework proposal. Please see this forum post for more information about how a service provider is funded.

We must ensure any funds disbursed from the DAO treasury are used transparently and in service of the Balancer Ecosystem. Ultimately veBAL holders and delegates are responsible for ensuring service providers are delivering enough value to justify the cost of funding them.

The following guidelines are designed to help the community hold service providers accountable:

Every member of Balancer’s community shares responsibility for ensuring SP’s that receive funding from the treasury are acting in the best interest of the Balancer ecosystem. The rules outlined above empower every community member to act if they feel an SP is no longer acting in that best interest. The Foundation is an agent of the DAO and must honor the outcome of any legitimate snapshot vote, subject to any applicable Laws/Acts and Regulations.